First of all, thank you so much for your intrest in blogging 'Canimal' items.

'Canimal' is not a 'niche' store. It features many styles and different types of aesthetics, and while they all fall under some form of alternative fashion, it is appriciated that being a real fashion influencer means having the right to choose!

So, with that in mind, being a 'Canimal' blogger means you never have to compromise your integrity. You blog on your own terms. However, with great freedom comes the expectation of quality. While applications are open to anyone, that doesn't mean everyone are accepted.


You can apply to become a VIP blogger, or request review copies for a single post. Blogger applications can be sent via Blogotex in the main store, or in a notecard to Canimal Zephyr in-world.

A special thanks to the following artists for featuring 'Canimal' in their posts:


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